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Growcover specials
Off cuts, roll ends, reduced or flawed items

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Ends of rolls are odd lengths so we list them here at a discount.
We inspect the GrowCover as we pack it (unless sold as a full roll) and sometimes we find manufacturing flaws such as oil stains,stitching faults or rough edges. So rather than just discarding it we offer it as a special.

Badly damaged areas are cut out and the good pieces are odd sizes. Many can be used to for making covers for seed trays, small herb gardens, bunches of fruit, frost and wind protection for delicate plants as well as larger garden beds.

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GrowCover 6m x 3m
Three only
Price $48 - save $6


GrowCover 12m x 3m
One only. End of roll.
Price $97 - save $11


GrowCover 4m x 5m
One only. Slightly shop soiled.
Price $54 - save $6


GrowCover 3m x 5m
One only
Price $40- save $5


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