Qualities and Advantages of GrowCover

GrowCover insect netting is knitted from thin, but amazingly strong, high density UV stabilized polyethylene thread (see picture below). Despite its light weight it is strong and with normal use will protect your plants from many insects and bad weather for years, (the manufacturer claims up to eight year). GrowCover does not protect plants from being attacked by tiny insects like aphids and thrips unfortunately.

VeggiePatch first bought a piece of GrowCover in 2005. It has been used continuously in the garden and is still as effective as when new, though a bit grubbier!

It is very easy to handle as it is light in weight - GrowCover insect netting is only 38 grams per square metre. Use for row covers, hoop houses and tunnels. Access to your plants is a breeze. Just unclip the GrowCover from its frame and lift it up. Anyone can do it, it is so light.

The hole size is triangular shaped about
5mm high and width from 0 to 1.7mm

GrowCover fabric

GrowCover is permeable to air and water, it  prevent overheating, excessive humidity and condensation common with the use of plastic covers and creating an ideal growing environment

GrowCover will help your garden to be healthier and more productive.
Summary of benefits

GrowCover willl:

  • promote healthy natural growth in your plants and seedlings;
  • allow rain to penetrate;
  • allow ventilation;
  • help retain moisture in the soil;
  • protect from frost up to –4o C
  • help warm up the soil in spring for early sowing;
  • help reduce insect attack;
  • protect plants from heavy rain and hail;
  • long lasting, manufacturer claims 8 years.
  • allow sunlight through. We had it tested by the CSIRO
    to determine the UV shading factor which is less than 18%
  • Some research also indicates that diffused light helps plant growth and though we have no scientific data about this HDPE does diffuse light well.

You can choose from standard sizes or get a custom cut length GrowCover for your garden beds and we guarantee you will be glad you did.

Contact us if you need any help or download the GrowCover fact sheet

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