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How you can protect your vegetables from insect attack, prevent damage from hail, wind, frost, birds and animals yet still grow strong healthy sprayfree food for your family.


I'm Judy and I've just taken over Kate and John's wonderful GrowCover business.

They stayed with me when Northcliffe was threatened by the recent bushfires, and mentioned that they were going to have to sell their business. I have always loved gardening, and so the rest is now history!

As I love their website, I will leave all their experiences here for you to read.

I hope I can serve you as well as Kate and John have over the years. All the best for your retirement Kate and John!

GrowCover is a light weight, strong, long lasting insect and frost protection net for your vegetable garden plants. Your veggies will grow strong and healthy inside this protected enviroment.

It prevents damge caused by strong wind, rain, hail and frost. It protects from insects such as cabbage white moths and fruit fly as well as birds and animals including rat and possums.

Use GrowCover insect and frost netting to cover hoop houses or cloches and give nature a helping hand.

GrowCover sizes and prices

Here is why.... 
In 2005 Kate and John had just moved into their new passive solar home on a rural bush block and started their new organic vegetable garden.

They soon realised they needed to protect the vegetable seedlings from various insect pests and found an insect netting that promised to do the trick.

Well it really worked. The GrowCover insect netting kept out most of the insect pests. Their veggies thrived because, to their surprise, the the GrowCover also gave the plants a great growing environment and protected them from the occassional frost too.


Hoop house

Hoop House kit HH180

Hoop house

Hoop House kit HH270

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Hoop House kits

See their garden diary for some of the vegetables they have grown using GrowCover

They enlarged their veggie patch the next year and used GrowCover for mature plants too. It helped to protect from birds at fruiting time and they grew many varieties of vegetables and herbs.  GrowCover saved their plants from damage by strong winds, hail, light frost, birds, kangaroos, dogs, etc.

They experimented with various frames to support the insect netting, or just used it as a floating row cover.

They were so happy with the GrowCover insect netting that they wanted to let other gardeners know about it, even those who needed frost protection as well.So the idea of Veggiepatch was sown, and it's been growing well ever since.

GrowCover on line shop has a a range of GrowCover insect netting sizes and other garden products.

Hoop house

GrowCover 3 m wide on poly pipe hoops

raised bed

Hoops made from PVC electrical conduit

GrowCover sizes and prices

GrowCover is a versatile and durable insect netting that also encourages the growth of strong and productive vegetables and herbs in the  home garden

It creates a healthy micro-climate that nurtures your plants in the good times and protects them from the bad.

A hoop house is simple to build using poly reticulation pipe or PVC electrical conduit. See our How to... page for other ideas for making frames

But why does it work so well?

Every gardener knows that vegetables grow better when damage from insects and bad weather is minimized. Frequently nature isn't too helpful that way.  It is too hot, or too dry or too cold.  So plants have to struggle with often less than ideal climate conditions plus contend with insect pests as well.

But GrowCover smoothes out all these problems because it creates a gentle micro-climate.  It helps to retain moisture in the soil without causing excessive heat build up or condensation because it allows good air circulation. If the weather is cool or cold it helps retain warmth in the soil so you can plant out earlier. It even protects against frost down to about -4oC (25oF).

So it is hardly surprising that your vegetables grow so well.

This is what a recognised authority has to say...

"Crop protection

Crops are vulnerable to many hazards that can reduce the harvest or destroy the crop entirely. One of these hazards in Australia is the weather. Gardens in southern and mountain areas may
experience frost that destroys young seedlings or flowers before fruit set. In hot climates excessive heat may be hazardous or in the tropical wet; it may be excessive wind and rain. Other hazards include birds, rabbits and other pests. The greatest difficulty with all these hazards is that their timing is unpredictable. The best solution therefore is crop protection."
(Our emphasis).

Fruit & Vegetable Gardening in Australia, Michael Pollock (ed) Dorling Kindersley Australia 2006. p.43 .Published in association with The Royal Horticultural Society

Here is a summary of the benefits of using GrowCover - which of these is important to you?

  • promotes strong, healthy and vigorous seedling and plant growth
  • creates a microclimate and reduces watering and evaporation loss
  • is ideal for use with drip irrigation
  • allows in air, rain and sunlight
  • protects from most insects
  • protects from strong winds and hail
  • protects from light frost (up to –4oC)
  • protects plants from birds, animals and insects
  • has a low shade factor of  < 18%
  • resists tears and cuts
  • is light and easy to handle
  • can be used over many sorts of frames
  • can be laid flat to promote seed germination
  • is available in standard size packs and by the metre.

GrowCover insect netting is a great innovation for the home veggie garden
and makes a genuine contribution to the environment.

The home gardener can now confidently expect that their vegetables under GrowCover will grow better, faster and be ready for harvest earlier.  Not only will you enjoy the freshness and excellent taste of your own vegetables straight from the garden to the plate, but also the knowledge that you are making a genuine contribution to the environment by reducing greenhouse gases.

Just think how many food miles are saved, to say nothing of the real monetary savings. Veggie prices are rising to such an extent that it is now economical for the supermarkets to import 'fresh' vegetables from overseas!

As the home gardener you still have to give your plants healthy nutritious soil, sunlight, mulch and water. Drip irrigation works best with GrowCover but you can water through the netting with a hose. You won't need to lift it except for weeding, harvesting or just for curiosity and that's easy to do.

It is designed to allow both rain and sunlight through yet allows free air movement so that plants don't overheat.  This is one of the reasons why plants are healthy and thrive under its protection. Birds seem to find it hard to see through so they don't even try to get at your tomatoes or fruit, unlike ordinary netting.

GrowCover sizes and prices

We are so sure that GrowCover will live up to our claims that we guarantee it -  unconditionally.  See below...  

Need to move your GrowCover?  Nothing could be easier even for gardeners with restricted mobility.  It is so light, only 43g to the square metre, yet the material is tough too. It is knitted, not woven. Accidental small cuts do not run and the manufacturers claim a life of 5 years.

Kate and John bought their first piece of GrowCover in 2005 and it is still in use in their garden and works as well as ever.

We are confident that you will be very pleased by the difference GrowCover insect netting makes, so get some today. In fact, we are so sure that you will love it we will give you an....

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Unconditional Guarantee.

If you are not happy with Growcover or any other product we supply, for any reason, just return it to us within 6 months and you will be refunded the full price of the item.

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